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13 June 2001  

Dear Potetial Employer:

I hereby confirm that Mr. Achim Baatzsch worked for New World Publishing Polska Sp. z o. o. from October 1998 until April 2001. In this time with our company he worked as a translator / back-up editor of Polen am Morgen and Tschechien am Morgen, our daily German language press summary. During that time he reported directly to the Editor of Polen am Morgen.

Mr. Baatzsch was required translate news items from our English language press digest into German. The news items usually consisted of one to two articles in each of the following categories: Business, Economics, Politics, International News, and Domestic items. As a result he was required to have and to continues to develop his vocabulary in a variety of areas. More than translation, Achim was required to layout the product in a Quark Express template and once complete, to carry out fax / email distribution. He was required to have exceptional attention to detail, and to be able to edit stories in such a manner that they read well in German. He was also required to work independently.

Achim was very diligent and hard-working, staying extended hours when required to meet his deadlines. He could be depended upon to complete his tasks and to take on extra tasks when required. Mr. Baatzsch was always reliable and prompt.

In summary, Mr. Baatzsch is a mature, responsible and professional teamplayer who is intelligent and willing to work hard in order to reach the goals of the team. Given the opportunity, I would be glad to hire him into our organization again.


Beverly Toomer

Human Rescources Manager

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